Monday, January 11, 2016

Evelyn - 1 year

This little munchkin is so dynamic and fun. She is constantly smiling and exploring.

October 27 - Evie starts taking steps!
October 31 - First Halloween. It was great weather, but a bit chilly. Evie was dressed as a plump & adorable strawberry. We went trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.
November 10 - WALKING!!!
November 20 - Mock-giving with the Bezanson family. So fun for my brothers and their families to meet our sweet Evelyn on her first birthday.
November 21 - our birthday party for Evie. We did a star theme -- navy blue, gold, and mint. Pictures and details coming soon.

Here are my 12 month pictures:

and my personal favorites...needless to say, she wasn't really in the photo shoot mood.

And thank the Lord for our friend Leigh from Leigh Young are some real pictures of our sweetie.
Here Evie is wearing my kilt from when I saw one. Sent to me from Scotland. Ella also wore this kilt for her 1 year pictures. 

Rocking her outfit from her birthday. 

The head piece is the ribbon I wore in maternity pics, her newborn pictures, and 6 months photos. I'll now save it for her to incorporate into her wedding in some capacity. 

Pearls from my mom (which are from her mother) and me (teal ones purchased on our honeymoon & a strand Josh purchased me while we were dating). 

Tutu & headbands from her newborn shoot. 

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