Monday, January 11, 2016

Preschool - Feeding the 5,000

In November we talked about the feeding of the 5,000. Ella loves re-telling the story back to me. I love hearing it from her. I know she is just repeating what she just heard, and we are going to have to continue to tell her these stories for them to stick for life - but there is something special about the words of the WORD coming from your child that just make my heart sing. 

completing patterns

working on tracing

coloring. Over the last month or so Ella has really gotten into coloring. You can tell that she is intentionally picking a specific color for an aspect of the picture. :)

anything with clothes pins is a huge hit with this one. 

she loves her dot-to-dot! 

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  1. A bit after the fact.. But that was this weeks lesson in the toddler room! 😊 You're doing such a great job! I love reading about your homeschooling adventures.