Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas Season 2015

What a fun holiday season we had this year. I felt like for the most part, we kept the stress level down and focused on what mattered. Evey where we went people would ask questions like "what does Santa say?" or "are you excited for Christmas?" and because we didn't push traditional Christmas or Santa and because she is adorable and 3, she would respond in the sweetest ways.

-- "Santa no say anything. He on jammies." (previously we had asked her who was on her jammies, and she though Santa was Noah from the Bible. Oh swell my heart! So adorable. She then asked us what it said on her jammies, and when we turned the question back on her she responded "Good job, Noah, for getting all the animals in the ark." :)
-- "Santa not say "home home home". That's silly"

Tree decorating:  

We put our REAL tree -- grown by my dad -- outside on the porch. I just couldn't handle Evie climbing in the tree all month. Maybe next year we can bring one inside.

Ella adding the bow to the top. 

christmas jammies! 

These are the "Good job, Noah" jammies. :) 

Thanks to our friends for the loan of this adorable outfit. I love the added antlers. 

Thanksgiving with YaYa.
Making my Cherry Almond Shortbread Cookies with my new Kitchen Aid I got for Christmas. Oh my - this thing is wonderful! :)

My fabulous helper! 

My sweet friends I'm dearly blessed with at the 3rd annual Christmas Exchange. We didn't remember to take the picture until after Barbara Anne & Leah left -- sorry we missed you ladies in the picture. 

playdate craft with our friends. 

Our Christmas Card this picture -- this year I opted to save the stress of cards -- and I loved it! Although I did love receiving cards from other people. 

Ready to head out and look at Christmas lights. 

We had the most spectacular weather this winter. Not often you blow bubbles with a poinsettia in the background.

Ella teaching Evie the story of the nativity with our window clings. :)

A little school :)

Our sweet friends treated us to a gingerbread making date at a local farm. Ella and i went out to breakfast before meeting up with the group. I loved this one-on-one time with Ella.

I'm pretty sure Ella was the last kid decorating. She stuck with it with her usual focus. I loved seeing what she created and took some time to enjoy watching her create. 

Josh and I always end up looking goofy from trying to get the girls to say "cheese".

This December we played with a lot of playdough. My friend Lauren sent 3 different varieties of homemade playdough with cookie cutters for Ella. The sweetness of the gift warmed my heart as we played. Thanks Aunt Lauren!

After Christmas eve service at my parent's house. 
Christmas morning. we wrapped up baby Jesus and opened Him as the first gift. Here Ella is looking at Him. 

walks in the woods between cousins. My niece, Bekka, is on the left. She and Ella were best buddies. 

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  1. Love Ella's comments about her Santa jammies and having her open up baby Jesus!