Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Fun Cold Day to Rule all Days

Since we were so blessed this year with no snow and fabulous warm weather -- the first week when it actually got cold - shockingly - I was a little whiny. ;|  So, I had to get creative with the girls to not go crazy. So, on Tuesday, January 8th I was totally awesome. And for a week, I was tired. :)

We brought the -- first of the year -- snow inside!

Big sister does. 

Little sister does. 

When Evie took her morning nap, Ella and I did some finger paints. A little surprisingly, Ella was hesitant to get dirty.

And, then after a long bath we started making a birthday necklace for Gram. Don't worry Gram, she gave up after 5 beads! :)

We looked through our first Highlights magazine. This sums up her level of excitement.

After Dad got home we made our first-ever snow ice cream. I used this recipe, and it was really easy -- but I recommend cutting the recipe in half.

She likes it!

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We let Ella add the sprinkles to the ice cream -- and things got a little out of control. Old, more anal, me would never had let her do sprinklers on her own. And although it made a huge mess, I'm so glad I did. The sound of my sweet family laughing together was great for my soul.

We opted to finish eating before we vacuumed - by the time we did Evie's feet were covered in sprinklers. By the time we cleaned her off, he feet were stained with candy and laughter.

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