Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ella's 3rd Birthday

At times I can't believe she is three -- how did she grow up so fast? How is time moving so quickly? But on the other hand, I also can't remember my life without her. How did I possibly live 26 years without knowing her?

My sweet Ellanore amazes and challenges me every single day. She is so loving and and sweet. Always wanting to include everyone and check in on all of us. If Josh goes upstairs she wants to make sure he isn't going to lay down because he is sick. If she is playing a game she runs around sharing a piece with everyone, and although this makes clean up a disaster, I love her sharing heart.

When I asked Ella early in November what kinda of cake she wanted for her birthday she quickly answered "blue dinosaur cupcakes!" Now, being in a girl-house this was surprising to me, and to be honest, I really don't know where she comes into contact with dinosaurs. maybe at church? But I think she hones in on the baby and dollhouse too much to notice even a REAL dinosaur in nursery! ;)

None the less, if my kid asks for a blue dinosaur birthday, that's what she is going to get.

Huge shout out to my awesome sister-in-law Bethany for her help with the cupcakes. She is the bomb!

We had a hard time getting a picture of Ella wearing a mask. She would take it off as soon as you tried to get a picture. 

We got Ella a dinosaur stuffed animal, because the last thing she needs is another stuffed animal. And I know it isn't blue, but it was the cutest one -- Sarah from Land Before Time, anyone? parents bought her a puppy!!!! She loves the crazy thing and it actually walks to up and barks if you give it commands, it is pretty cute, but luckily fake. :)

Everyone else getting in on the masks.

Huge thanks to my parents (and my two brothers for that matter) for coming down from New Hampshire for the weekend. I'm so "heart-full" when my kids get to love on their grandparents. 

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