Friday, June 24, 2011

A Southern Bell

Josh and I went to Nashville for our anniversary last weekend - and it was amazing! We've been on trips together and we always have fun together - but this was the best trip we have ever been on! For some reason it just felt fun - we planned a few things but mostly just flew by the seat of our pants. We jumped off the highway and visited sites.

We spent 1 night at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel - it was ginormous! I loved walking through the gardens (all 3 of them) and looking at the beautiful flowers. The lights at night added a special touch, oh yeah - the raspberry gelatto helped too! :) It was my first every gelatto and I'm glad I made the jump!

We went to downtown Nashville for the evening, and I'll be honest - it was less glamorous than I expected. It was basically a 4 block strip with mostly bars with live Country Music, which I only went in to use the restroom. Totally awesome though, I got to meet Elvis!

On Tuesday we went to the Grand Ole Opry - it was so cool! I honestly don't listen to much Country Music, so I wasn't quite in tears like some of the other tourists, but it was pretty cool none the less. I loved just walking around and seeing history.

On Wednesday we stopped by the Woodford Reserve - 1 of Kentucky's Bourbon Distillery. Although the smell of the brewing building made me want to vomit, and I absolutely hated the taste of the free bourbon at the end - It was really fun! (And Josh loved it - so it was worth it!)

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