Sunday, June 5, 2011

Holy Guacamole

I'm late on this update, but life has been crazy. (This weekend we help Josh's mom move into her new place - we are so excited for her!)

On Thursday night I cooked a new version of my (already amazing) turkey burger. I cooked in some pepper jack cheese and added guacamole on the top. The peeper jack added a great bite to the burger, and my homemade guac was amazing.

Making the guac was really easy, but I think I'll use more lime and sea salt too. It does make the burger a little messy, but definitely knocked the burger out of the park.

On Friday we also tried a new pizza place, Champs. It was ok, but wasn't anything that we would order again. I didn't really like the sauce. (However we have to factor in that it wasn't made at the Pizza Turd!)

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