Monday, May 30, 2011

A Great Memorial Day Weekend Reunion

Happy Memorial Day!

This weekend was a wonderful time with my parents. They came down on Friday night and Josh and I had cookies and coffee ready for their arrival, he is such a great man and was patient as we walked around Wal-mart picking out the PERFECT cookies. (While we were in the store, we checked to see if they had a chair that would fit in our reading nook we want in our bedroom, and we found this wonderful chair!) Josh set it up for us immediately, so we could have it ready for my parents arrival.

Once my parents arrived we talked until midnight, and it was wonderful - I love them!

On Saturday we went to downtown Pittsburgh on our first site seeing trip (as locals). We went on a duck tour (I can't explain it, but I simply love duck tours). And then to the incline, which has much Grove City history - so it was nice to finally go with Josh. The sun was bright (finally) and it was so nice to be outside for once.

On Sunday we took my parents with us to church at Grace Community Church and then out to a Hibachi grill, my first time every. It was pretty cool! I loved the funny little stuff they did with the food - although everything tasted pretty much the exact same, so that was little disappointing to me. (It was also extremely expensive for food I wasn't wild about, so I'm not sure that I'll be doing this again.)

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