Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Wonderful Medley

Today was good on many levels, but it ended with a wonderful medley and a fun dessert.

At work: I led my first ever remote meeting - which let me tell you - it is challenging to be at a meeting when you can't tell who is talking, if people are making faces, and the general vibe in room. So - I had to figure out what everyone was thinking, deciding when to pause for questions, and attempting to make jokes. It actually went ok!

In my real life: For dinner, I made the world's most wonderful medley of quinoa, fresh salsa, bbq and lime chicken, and mango - it tasted better than it sounds. I basically made the whole thing up, but in case you want to try it yourself - let me at least set you in the right direction. Marinate the chicken in BBQ and lime juice, make "salsa" with tomato; onion; cilantro; lime juice; garlic; grilled corn; green, red, and chile peppers; paprika and salt. I'll be honest, I only put mango on the top because Josh loves mango - it was good, but in the future, I will grill the mango.

Josh was literally the only other human I saw today - so I begged him to take me out of the house. We tried to go to the Cranberry Creamery, which closes at 9 - however, at 8:20 there was no one around...so we were forced to go to Dairy Queen, and I had my first ever Blizzard. It was pretty wonderful!

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