Thursday, May 26, 2011

2 for 1

This is my blog post from yesterday, but sadly I worked until 11 pm and didn't get the chance to drone on about my life...

I started the week by making some easy recipes to use up some food in my fridge, so I attempted to redeem myself last night. My great redemption included 2 dishes!

The first dish you see on the left, was made of penne pasta, Italian sausage, sun dried tomato, and spinach. I have to admit, I thought taking the skin off the sausage would be the grossest thing to ever happen to me - but it really wasn't all that bad.

The meal was actually easy to make - and I will definitely be making it again.

For whatever reason, I also decided that I should try and tackle making a salad too (and as a side note - I really don't enjoy making salads). The salad was endive, watercress (I never even heard of this), pear, blue cheese (which I adore), and vinaigrette.

The thing about salads is they are so much work to make AND have to stab each and every tiny little piece that you want to eat, and eventually, somehow, you are supposed to get full. I guess I don't mind eating a salad if it is loaded with lots of good stuff and it was made by someone else.

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