Sunday, May 22, 2011

Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures

As the (totally gross) picture implies, today was eventful.

Josh's mom swapped desks with us so that I could have her large desk for working at home. We did the swap between yesterday and today, we drove the desk up yesterday, and she drove up today with the other smaller pieces of the desk...but unfortunately a few other little "things" came along for the drive....

Perched on top of the desk pieces was a tiny fetal creature. We poked, screamed, prodded, and then finally removed it from the car - all while being totally creeped out. We talked through every single possibility of how it ended up in my trunk - and had a little bit a peace about where it came from (boxes in my mother in law's house). We then found yet another creature (shown in picture) only this one was BREATHING! It's little torso was quivering and shaking profusely. We then removed that one from the car as well, search my entire car (removed everything, pulled up the carpet in the trunk, folded down the seats) and found that it had been planted in there by a tarp brought from my aunts house - so thankfully I do NOT have a mouse infestation in my car....

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