Sunday, May 22, 2011

Filled with food and God

First, lets start with our restaurant travels - on Friday we tried our first Cranberry pizza place. We tried "Pizza Roma" (affectionately named the "pizza turd" by Josh's friend) at the praise of our friends Holly and Andy. I had our favorite pizza: peperoni, banana peppers, and black olives - the crust was amazing and the sauce had a very nice spices. Josh ordered a calzone with peperoni, bacon, and obviously lots of cheese. We recommend the pizza over the calzone, if you are interested.

I do however recommend this pizza with great caution. I haven't been in this dirty of a restaurant in a really long time - I'm not exaggerating - an ant crawled across my (paper) place mat. I later tried to kill a fly on the table with my napkin - and my entire napkin stuck to the table... Needless to say - we suggest delivery!

Today, we went back to Grace Community Church for a wonderful service that had me moved to tears on multiple occasions. I love baptisms, but this service was unlike any other baptism. Although numerous people had signed up in advance of the service to be baptized, the pastor gave an "alter call" for baptism and we saw over 40 people get up from their seat, with no plan to make a step for Christ, walk up and have one of the most moving experiences of their lives - and it was beautiful! Most moving was a woman in a motorized wheelchair who asked to be baptized and the pastor brought the water to her.

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