Thursday, May 26, 2011

Whippy Twisty

In the bliss of a little girl finally getting that pony she has been asking for, I tell you this wonderful news.....

Today we found a new Whippy Twisty!!!

Now, to you, this doesn't seem like a big deal - but to me, a soft serve ice cream lover, it means happiness! Not only is their store a tiny little shed (all painted with colorful dots), not only did they teach me the different between Jimmies and Sprinkles (apparently Jimmies are chocolate and Sprinkles are rainbow), not only did they tell a lady with only a credit card that although they only accept cash, they would write her total down on a piece of paper and let her pay later, but ... most wonderful of all, they have 20 flavors of soft serve ice cream, and I plan to try every single one! :) Although, maybe not Banana....

Oh yeah, I forgot the best part - it is right around the corner from our place! YIPPEE HOORAY! :)

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