Sunday, May 15, 2011

Church "shopping" is by far one of the worst things about moving - so today, we tried to take a big bite out of the daunting task. We visited 2 churches today - although this made for a tiring morning it is definitely time efficient with our weekends! :) Which, as you know, I'm nothing if not always trying to make the most of each second.

We had good experiences at both churches and liked varying things about them. We have learned so much about each other looking for churches. It is a wonderful process and I cherish learning more about my wonderful husband.

For my cooking adventure today I drilled corn on the cob with butter, lime, and southern spices - so amazing! I also did not fully appreciate the wonder of my sweet potato fries until I have frozen curly fries today - they just don't have the full flavor that sweet potatoes have!

We also tried to go and play tennis today but we got rained out this gloomy western PA weather. There is always tomorrow.

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