Thursday, May 29, 2014

Baby #2 will join us....

... November 2014. :)

Our due date in the 19th - 3 days before Ella's 2nd birthday. Although I'm not sure I would have enjoyed sharing my birthday with a sibling, I do kinda think it would be fun for them to both be the 22nd. Ella was born on Thanksgiving day - and that was actually nice as well - although it was the hardest I've ever worked for a Thanksgiving dinner - it was nice to just have someone bring me a turkey dinner with no basting or dishes to do :) This year Thanksgiving is the 27th, however, so I'm ok if I'm NOT 8 days overdue. :)

I've been feeling ok - more tired than last time, but I am running around after an 18 month old rather than sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day.

Here are a few weekly pictures we have taken - I'm impressed I've done 2 so far. Things are definitely different with Baby #2.

We also had some family pictures done by the wonderful and talented Leigh Young, here is one she graciously sent us early for this announcement. :)

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