Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

We had an action-packed weekend! I loved having my man around for 3 days! 

We had a neighborhood bonfire - our first s'mores of the season (while Ella slept across the street at home). 

We did some yard work (ripping out two trees in the back and transplanting two smaller ones from elsewhere on the property). Then we took Ella to Living Treasure Wild Animal Park - she loved it! There were a few animals she didn't want to feed (and few extras she tried to - the Lions) but overall she was really into it. We finished off the day with burgers at home. 

We had church, then grilled at home. We took E to a park near our house and out to soft serve! 

Josh made blueberry pancakes for breakfast and let me go out shopping while E napped. After I got back I got to sit in the sun and start a new book, The Poisonwood Bible, while E slept for 2 more hours!! We introduced E to the sprinkler and hit up Lowes. 

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