Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers' Day

Although I've only had the honor of being a mom for a short while, it has tremendously opened my eyes to the sacrifice my mom made for me. 

Having carried and loved Ella, I better understand my mom's love. Having worried about her while we are apart, I understand why my mom just likes to hear my voice on the phone. I fault her less for slight nosiness. I appreciate her late nights balancing family and work and I hug her a little more wholly when I see her. 

Thanks, mom, for all your love, support, and sacrifice. You are one of a kind! 

I'm also extremely blessed to have a non-nosey, opinions-to-herself, supportive mother-in-law. Her job of raising my Josh into such an awesome man wasn't easy and I'm grateful for the groundwork you laid. :) 

So grateful, blessed and lucky. 

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