Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Catching up

Since I had a two-month break from the blog due to general life craziness, I'll do a quick overview to catch us up. Just like old friends.

I'm now blissfully at home full-time. Josh and I had been talking about me shifting to being at home for quite some time - and we finally felt like it was the right time. How's it going? Awesome! I'm less stressed, enjoying Ella's energy more fully, and am spending more time outside playing! 

Josh and I have been working in the house together. Mostly the outside. The previous owners were not lovers of nature, so most of our bushes (turned trees) haven't been trimed in the last 7 years (according to my judgement of overgrowth and the neighbors rating on the owners). 

We have been uprooting trees, oh boy! I'm the official branch clipper, getting it down to bare bones so Josh can cut it into a stump and then dig up the roots. We have removed 6 trees! [In the pictures below, all of the circled trees have been removed]

BEFORE: [Front of House]


BEFORE: [This pictures of of the back of the house, but the trees we removed run along the left side of the house]

Here Josh has removed 4 trees, and our loving-named "Dr. Seuss tree" is all that remains. We found a birds nest in it, so we were waiting to remove the tree.

Here is the nest: 

We have also started yardsaling as a family. I'm not a big mall shopper and Josh's frugal side loves the hunt, so this might be the only shopping we ever do together! Our greatest finds so far: metal wheelbarrell for $2; princess party pack complete with plates, cups, napkins, decorations, and games for $1; baby travel highchair (used once) for $2!!! 

And alas writing this post has caused me to need to catch up elsewhere - so I'll finish later. 

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