Monday, August 20, 2012

Little Man Onesies

My Pinterest "Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails" Board is overflowing with ideas for crafts, if we were to have a boy. In this 2-month long period of waiting since we were supposed to find out the baby's gender - I found myself dreaming about being able to start on some of my projects, someday.

To busy myself and easy my crafting cravings - I decided to make onesies for my nephews for Christmas. (Another wonderful benefit of being an Aunt!) I was going to just do the tie onesies that you see everywhere - but after making one, I got up the confidence to go for the vest as well!

What you will need: 
- 1 white onesie of your size choice (pre-washed and dried)
- Fabric scraps
- Thread to match your fabric
- Sewing Machine
- Iron and Ironing board
- Fray Check (optional) 
- Less than an hour of time

1. You need to make your pattern for your tie (and other elements).
2. Lay out your pattern over your fabric to make sure you like the part you are cutting out.
3. I chose to make the tie and knot 2 different pieces - in the future, I'm going to make these one piece as it will just give me 2 fewer edges and remove the necessity to match up the pieces exactly. I did like making the knot from a different section of the fabric so it looked more realistic.
4. Pin down your pattern.
5. Cut a square of fabric around the pattern - you do NOT want to cut right along your final edges at this point.
6. Remove your pattern from the fabric and cut an identical size square from your Heat'n Bond.
7. Iron on the Heat'n Bond to the back of your fabric (You want to lay your fabric face down - and place the Heat'n Bond so the paper backing is facing up at you).
8. Once the Heat'n Bond is secure - pin back on your pattern.
9. Cut around the pattern. (We waited to do this because your fabric will fray less if the Heat'n Bond is attached when you make the final cut).
10. OPTIONAL - I added Fray Check along the edges to ensure I didn't get fraying - you do have to let your project sit for about 30 minutes if you include this step.
11. Remove the paper backing from your pieces (pulling the paper from the fabric - not the fabric from the paper).
12. Place on onesie and iron on - holding to get a good adhesive to the onesie
13. Unsnap onesie and sew border inside of tie fabric to ensure it holds to the onesie. (Another thing I like about doing the knot and the tie separately is that you get the definitely from stitching between the two pieces - but you could still sew here even if it was only one fabric piece.) You will want to use thread that matches your fabric as closely as possible.

If you are going to add the vest - do the same process - cutting out two pieces - the reverse of each other. One for each size of the vest.

The trickiest part of this whole project is maneuvering your fabric so you can sew on the applications - I made a different pattern on a newborn onesie (whereas these are 18 month size) and the newborn was much more challenging just to move around the sewing machine. 

Have you done a custom onesie? What did you do?

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