Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baby's Gender

Sadly, no we don't know the gender of the baby....YET!

I lot of people have been asking us if we are going to find out the gender - we sure hope so!  We had our original ultrasound in June - and I was over the moon about finding out the gender. I had a list of crafts and projects ready to start, we had a plan for how we wanted to find out the gender together - but alas the ultrasound tech couldn't see clearly.

Almost 2 months have past.

And I haven't been able to start any of my crafts, and I'm dying a little bit inside. Please pray that we will be able to tell the gender on the 20th. We have our ultrasound at 7:45 AM! (We are waiting to reveal the gender until August 26th - at our shower - but please pray anyways! :) )

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