Sunday, July 29, 2012

Out with the Old; In the with New

I grew up with an extremely crafty mother - so as motherhood approaches, I felt the need to increase my "craft factor." So, recently bought my first sewing machine, and have had a sewing project strewn all over the house since!

My most recent project was recovering the living room pillows. When we bought the couch 3 years ago, it came with the 5 pillows you see at the top. I never loved them, but this was the first time I had the power to eliminate them!

(Actually, buying non-matching random pillows and recovering them will save you a lot of money - and might be the way to go! You can get them cheap at TJ Maxx and Marshalls). 

I had recently updated the pillows on our bed and wanted do do some new designs. I loved the ruffle pillow from our bed so much, that I did do another ruffle (far right pillow in picture above) - however, this time I made the pillow double sided. So the part you see, is actually the back where the pocket to insert the pillow is.

The pillow all the way on the left - with the square-shaped design,  was my first attempt at making a covering that the pillow slides in from the top - not from the back. For all accounts it was easier - I wish I would have made the teal part larger in the corners - as it is now - I had to add a little Velcro to hold the flap down so you couldn't see the pillow inside.

For the middle pillow, I used muslin to lighten the color scheme up. The muslin was much lighter weight than my other fabrics, so I doubled up the fabric - and it worked much better.

What projects are you working on, or already completed you are excited about? 


  1. wow! What an amazing job you did!! Especially for a first timer!!!

    1. Thanks Mom! You taught me everything I know!