Monday, July 2, 2012

T-shirt Quilt

I grew up with a super-crafty mom. She was constantly disappearing onto the porch during commercial break and returning with a table runner or hemmed pants -- so, with motherhood just around the corner, I felt the need to raise the bar on my craft-factor.

This led me to purchase my first sewing machine. After months of trying to convince my mom to give her machine to me and purchase a new one for herself, I finally gave in and purchased my own. I went with the Brother CS 6000i. As a short little review - I LOVE this machine. Honestly - anything that makes button holes deserves a rave review. Ive had a few issues with the bobbin getting jammed, but I seem to have worked out the kinks. (After showing my mom my machine - she went out and bought her own - so much for getting the old one for free!)

Naturally, after the purchase of my first machine, I created my to-sew list...and it is a little long. Topping the list of priorities, was a t-shirt quilt composed of Josh and my shirts from high school and college. I've always loved the thought of making a piece like this that commemorates our lives. I have enjoyed the process of making my first quilt and have learned a lot of valuable lessons. The biggest challenge of making a t-shirt quilt with 2 different people's clothes is that the images and sizes will vary dramatically. Josh's widest shirt was 4 inches widest than my skinniest shirt. This required me to sew extensions on my shirts. I do strongly recommend using interface on the back of the shirts - this extra sturdiness helps the process greatly.

Pictures to come soon!

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