Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Is it worth it?

After living in DC, I realized splurging on some things is definitely worth it. Just the hassle of getting around the city alone led me to only grocery shop one place - it wasn't worth the drive to a different store to save 50 cents on strawberries. Now I don't go out and buy the best of the best for everything - but I don't guilt myself for spending a few extra bucks on a few nice things.

Growing up, I saw two different views of money -- my mom, a true British woman, scrimps on everything. I do mean everything. She even re-uses her tea bags! My mom goes to the mall every week - but only to a few stores - and only to look at the sale racks. She buy my niece adorable winter coats for $1.77! SERIOUSLY? She is very patience and willing to wait for the steal -  my father on the other hand, does NOT shop around for the best prices. He needs a new blue dress shirt - he goes to the store - and buys the nicest one there - and promptly leaves.

Unfortunately for my mother, and luckily for Josh - I HATE shopping. Similar to my dad - I go to the store only when I need something, I get that something, and I get out of there before the people at the mall make me crazy.

One of my "guilty splurges" is nail polish - I know - of all the silly things to spend money on! I just love having my nails painted - but hate when they chip and start to break - only leading me to have to remove and re-apply the nail polish or else look like a hobo for a few days - which is definitely a viable option now that I work from home. However, a few months ago, I discovered Essie nail polish - and I've been flying through my allowance ever since. :) Their colors are just so cute, and it stays on my toes for a month without chipping and usually a week on my nails - especially if I can convince Josh to do the dishes a few times! :) I highly recommend it - but beware - it does come with an $8 price tag!

What is your guilty pleasure? What do you splurge on?


  1. Essie is my new guilty pleasure, too! I was never a nail polish girl growing up - even on my toes. But now (as long as my nails cooperate) I sport some polish, even *gasp* dark colors on my finger nails (which was HUGE for me). Problem is I'm the only dishwasher! Dry, brittle nails break and chip easy! So I go through phases of nice and not-so-nice looking digits (like right now) :)

    1. I do find better results when I use a "bonder" base coat and top coat - definitely helps seal things in to last longer...of course that is 2 more coats.... :)