Wednesday, July 4, 2012

1 down 99 to go

After many lessons learned, late nights, and removed stitches - I have completed my first ever quilt! Josh and my memory t-shirt quilt is finalized and ready to be loved (although that will have to wait until the temp drops below 90 degrees!)

I love how this quilt incorporates both of Josh and my high school days, including Josh's plays and missions trips, my trip to Scotland and track meets. We both were able to include our favorite sports teams, the Browns and the Red Sox.

We met in our sophomore year of college in OB - and you can see 2 blocks that include our nicknames from the back of our shirts. While is college, Josh joined the Beta Sigma fraternity (upper right square) while I campaigned for freshman to "stay independent" (upper left square).

This is definitely a craft I recommend to other and I'm excited to enjoy it for years to come! And now to cross it off my "to-do before baby" list!

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