Saturday, July 21, 2012

Are you getting bigger?

Generally, this would be perceived as a rude question, but somehow when you are pregnant - your roundness is fair game. Luckily, I'm not quite large enough that strangers at the store are confident enough to ask when I'm due -- or touch my stomach.

I often wondered how I would be during pregnancy. Would I get a huge stomach or swell up everywhere, would I be ok with people touching my stomach, would I be a  person who shared every detail or didn't really discuss my pregnancy. I've discovered I'm definitely on the quieter side - very reserved about sharing information and details. I can only image my response when the first stranger asks to touch me - watch out!

So - enjoy these details, as they might be all you get! :)

When we found out we were pregnant, I wanted to do something to commemorate the process. Pinterest is definitely full of great ideas - but I also didn't want to go overboard - setting the bar too high that I would feel obligated and stressed by the project. Especially as the youngest in my family - I'm sensitive to being the child with no baby book, less pictures than the others, and wanted to be conscientious to be reasonable with all our kids.

I decided to take weekly pictures with a chalkboard that I made from an old frame - I'm highly considering doing monthly pictures in the future. :)

I have been feeling well - the first few months food didn't really sound appealing to me, so I ate a lot of cereal just to get food in me. Although I'm still not cooking gourmet meals, I'm finally eating again. I can't really say I've had cravings either. I definitely trend towards having dessert, which isn't something we normally have in the house. What were some of your pregnancy cravings?

I've always been a fan of peanut butter, and luckily for me, baby is too. I can tell a significant difference in how much the baby moves around after eating peanut butter. It is the best time for Josh to feel the baby kick, too! Although the kicking can be distracting and keep me up at night - I take each kick as a gift from the Lord - a little message, letting me know that my child is ok and is learning to move around. Thank you Lord for the miracle of life!

We have heard the baby's wonderful heartbeat 3 times - 157, 148, and 144. This little pounding is definitely the most joyful noise in the world! I simply can't get enough!

We are PLANNING to find out the gender of the baby. We had our anatomy ultrasound 3 weeks ago - but the baby was not sharing it's gender with us. As Josh says, the baby was being sassy, just like me, so hopefully we aren't in for the ride my mother had to endure with me! We do have another scan in August - so Lord willing, the baby will share it's gender with us. As my mom says, "It can't stay a secret forever, we will know by the end of November!" :) Can't wait!


  1. You look amazing!

    I was always afraid of people coming up to me and touching my belly (creepy). Thankfully, I never had a stranger do it (with either pregnancy) but always knew what I would do if they did - immediately touch/rub their stomach back!

    John had sympathy cravings - always Mexican! I craved chocolate milk, at night, with Natalie.

    Kicks are so fun to feel (until they are on your bladder) - have you felt hiccups yet? (I don't think I felt them until the 30+ weeks)

    Hope baby cooperates for your next ultrasound... "they" say lower heart rates are boys :) Do you have a "motherly instinct" of if it's a boy or girl?

    Can't wait to see you in August!!!

    1. I hope to be as lucky as you with the stomach touching from strangers! :) I hope I would be brave enough to rub their stomach - but I think I would get creeped out at the last second!

      No hiccups yet, didn't even really think you could feel that - sounds awesome though. How did you know it was a hiccup and not a kick? Just the rhythm?

      I think it is a girl, but for no real good reason, just a sense! Josh agrees, but we will see! Were you right with your guesses for your babies?

      Looking forward to seeing you too!

    2. In theory, rubbing their stomach back was my game plan, but I might have (will?) chicken out at the last second too!

      Hiccups *are* awesome (although, can be annoying at night, like kicks) They're rhythmic. It's so cute, especially when dad can feel them too :) Josh should be able to hear the heartbeat by putting his ear to your stomach sometime in the 30+ week range, too.

      I was right for both babies - gut feeling. Either way, both are so fun in their own way. Plus, it would be fun to have a sassy, mini-Rachel :)