Thursday, February 7, 2013

11 gifts in 11 weeks

It is hard to believe my life was so radically changed 11 weeks ago. On one hand, it feels like 11 months ago I was in the hospital holding my sweet baby girl for the first time and then on the other, 11 short days. I can't believe how quickly she is growing, and I know this roller coaster of life is just going to continue speeding along for the next 18 years! 

My sweet Ella has given me 11 wonderful gifts since her arrival, and I can't wait for the joy and blessing she is going to bring with her life.

1. I've learned to appreciate my parents and the many sacrifices they made for me growing up.
2. I have the gift of finally understanding how much my parents love me and will always be proud of me.
3. I've determined to develop a true friendship with my mother over the coming years.
4. I now have the glimpse of my Heavenly Father's deep love for me. Why do I neglect Him so frequently?
5. I have a whole new love for my wonderful husband after seeing him love our daughter.
6. I have more joy than I ever thought imaginable. It is simply magical how much joy Ella's little smiles bring to our home.
7. I definitely have the gift of growing patience as I rock my baby to sleep at 2am.
8. I appreciate the value of time more and strive to use to more effectively. I definitely waste less time on social media since my darling's arrival.
9. I've received the gift of a softened heart and increased sentimentality. Since Ella's arrival, I find myself treasuring traditions and sweet memories of our family more than ever before.
10. The gift of a deeper reliance on God, as I entrust Ella's heart to Him and His plan for her life. I definitely have always struggled with trust, and this adorable bundle is the most challenging thing to hand over to the King.
11. The gift of watching my sweet daughter grow in the woman the Lord created her to be.

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