Wednesday, February 6, 2013

1/2 Birthdays

Today is my half birthday - I know - that sentence sounds ridiculous coming from a 26.5 year old.

1/2 birthdays don't matter, but to me, they do. Growing up, my mother made a big deal out of my 1/2 birthday. Since my birthday is in August - I never got to have my classmates over to the house for a party, as we were all on vacation. So, my mother being the creative lady she is, decided I should celebrate my 1/2 birthday so that I could have a school party.

One thing that Josh and I have talked about various times throughout our relationship is the book  "The Five Love Languages", practically required reading at Grove City! 'Gifts' is a love language that doesn't really resonate with Josh, but it does with me. My mom is definitely a gift giver. Almost very time she comes to visit, the whole backseat of her car is filled with things she has been collecting for me, little things that made her think of me, or bargains she found. This is how I was shown love, and therefore dramtically shaped how I feel loved.

My wonderful husband, although he doesn't relate to this gift, has worked hard to incorporate it into our lives and demonstrate his love for me in this way. Today, he called from work to wish me a half birthday. I totally didn't even realize it was my half birthday - way to go Josh!

To celebrate, he is bringing home dinner. (And he even called early enough in the day so I wouldn't spend Ella's nap times preparing dinner - what a wonderful man I'm blessed with).

What is your love language? What have you done to learn your spouses language?

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  1. I am so proud of my son! He is a wonderful man and he has married a wonderful woman! I love you both and love the way you express love to each other. Keep it going!