Sunday, October 19, 2014

To Do Before Evie - UPDATED 10/19

Down to 5 weeks! 

We are officially 32 weeks - only 8 more to go. Sounds so soon - but man I know how they drag on! I'm ready to have this baby, but enjoying my time with Ella as a mommy of one. 

Here is a 31 week picture - let's not get picky - I'm impressed I've even taken 5 belly pics so far! 

Here is my belly yesterday. Ella has a shoe obsession and made me wear daddy's work boots around the house. 

So my before-Evie to-do list: 
- paint Ella's new room (paint secured) UPDATE: Josh bought all the other painting supplies. COMPLETED! [Decorating in progress!]
- Evie's quilt (front complete, back material, binding, and stuffing purchased) UPDATE: I've sewn the back of the quilt, now just to sew the two together. COMPLETED!

- Maternity shoot (scheduled) 
- wash baby clothes/blankets UPDATE: Washed [not folded or put away] COMPLETED. [Bought a dresser this weekend]

- pack hospital bag for Evie and myself COMPLETED!
- pack Ella's bag to go with friends while I deliver COMPLETED!
- prep post-baby meals COMPLETED!
- Ella's birthday (small, immediate family, as in she has 50% of your DNA)
- decorate nursery
- find dresser for Evie COMPLETED!
- paint dresser [UPDATE: Josh and I sanded the drawers and 2 are painted.]
- add water detail to nursery wall
- girls weekend away - yippee only 2 more days!!!! COMPLETED!
- complete Christmas shopping??? That's a big stretch goal! 


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    1. Thanks, I've been really happy with how it came out. Now, hopefully the binding process goes well, and I'm still pleased. :)