Friday, October 17, 2014

Post-Evie Meal Prep

Some extra cooking and freezing this week allowed me to cross another huge item off my to-do list...meal prep for after Evie arrives. I've got us covered for 14 meals and obvious left overs for lunch mommy's midnight snacking!

I did one massive chicken breast boiling and shredding party and from 9 chicken breasts got meat for:
- 2 Taco Nights
- 1 Quesadilla Night
- 1 Pan of Enchiladas
- 1 Buffalo Pizza
- 2 Nights of my mother-in-laws famous Chicken Roll Ups

I made and froze a Stromboli as well

I've also purchased the canned ingredients and frozen the meat for these great crockpot meals:
- 2 Crockpot Chilis
- 2 of this new Chicken Taco Stuffing recipe

I've also got supplies on hand for:
- 2 Pasta Nights

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  1. You are amazing!!! Can you send some of this nesting energy my way?!?!?