Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ella's New Room

This last week we painted our current guest room to get it ready for Ella. We painted it the same grey as her current room, we had a whole unopened gallon in the basement.

We have decided to keep her in her crib for as long as possible. Right now she isn't climbing out, or really even thinking about it. She also plays nicely in her crib in the morning giving us a buffer on when we have to go get her. I'm not ready for her cheery-eyed wake up visits to my bedside at 6:30! 

Because she is staying in the crib - and it's a huge pain to move/disassemble, she will stay in her current room until Evie is ready for it and then we will figure out how to move her. :) 

Here is our painting party this week: 

Protecting Evie from the fumes: 

Finished product: 

Bookshelf Decorations:

(Owl made by Aunt Rachel)

(E made by Aunt Rachel)

(Owls from Aunt Lauren) 

(Keepsake box my mom made from Ella's NH baby shower

Made by Aunts Kate, Danielle, and Rachel for Ella's PA baby shower) 


Made from the sane fabric as her quilt and high chair cover

We need to bring over her dresser and a few other items - so I'll add those later. 

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