Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ella's Nursery FINALLY finished! (Who I am kidding, I loved every single project and every second of setting up the room. So excited for the big reveal! :)

I made the quilt - my first ever "real" quilt. I had a lot of fun, and learned a lot - but it was definitely a huge task! I found the pattern to be really cool and easy for beginners - I'll have to post links on that at some point.

The little stuffed animal elephant is from the shower my mom threw in NH (she had all the tables decorated with animals).

The mobile was the last project to be finished. I took a lot of my ideas from this site. I tried to make things easier wherever possible, maybe I'll post my alterations at some point. The pink ball is made from tulle, one of the yellow and the silver are from tissue paper, the other yellow is made of crepe paper flowers, and the multi-color ball is fabric flowers made from the extra pieces of her quilt.

Currently the bookshelf is holding a few books, we are currently reading through the complete stories of Beatrix Potter (my nursery was B. Potter, and my mom has collected various items throughout my life), a gift from my Aunt Carol. It is also adorned with an owl nightlight, a "Pittsburgh"-yellow letter "E" that my sister-in-law, Rachel, made for Ella's shower, as well as a grey and yellow owl.

The Pennant Banner was really easy, and I like how much color it added to her wall. The Pennants are all made from the same fabric as her quilt - but I added some pink ribbon to tie it into the rest of the room. 
Ella's dresser is an "up-do" on an Ikea dresser. I've posted more details here. Thanks again to my Uncle Chuck for giving us the glass knobs we used for drawer pulls!

On top of the dresser are a few boxes I've recovered to hold accessories and memories for Ella. My mother also made a keepsake box from my shower to keep all the little details in tack for Ella someday. I love the memories of that special day!

Hanging above the dresser is an old picture frame I got at Salvation Army and my hubby gracious painted for me! My best friend, Lauren, sent me the cutest card and the colors - and owl - matched the accents of the room so well, it was simply meant to go in the frame!

This chair was one of my awesome yard sale finds! YIPPEE! As I mentioned, each night I read Ella a new Beatrix Potter story from this chair.

Hanging above the chair, you can see a beautiful satin and button "E" which my crafty sister-in-law Katie made for Ella's shower. I love how much "pop" it adds to the nursery, the pink is definitely a great touch! :)

Ella's owl laundry basket was a gift from my co-worker, Veronica, and I love it. The owl is just so cute - and who wouldn't love the size of it! A larger basket means more time before I feel guilty for not doing laundry!

I made an easy Roman Shade for the window and hung the banner that my sister-in-laws, Danielle and Katie made for Ella's shower. I love the rustic and classy feel of it. Originally I was going to make the nursery all yellow and grey - but I loved the pink that the girls added to the shower so much, I decided to bring that over into the nursery! :)

I used a flower basket I got at Target to hold blankets for Ella. I love the extra storage, but also the look of the planter on the window.

I admit - I do just love sitting in this room, imaging all the joy and fun we will have in this room in the years to come. :) I'm officially ready for Ella's arrival!


  1. I love every peice you so carefully selected for her first brush with fashion, color, texture and
    "craftiness"....ready for her arrival any day :)

  2. Thanks! I can't wait for her to arrive! :)