Friday, November 2, 2012

Clowning Around

My dad traveled for business a lot during his time in the insurance field. Each time he returned home, he brought the 3 of us kids something from the road. I don't remember at what point he started getting me clowns - but I have a family of clowns from all over the country. Clown tea sets, clown trolls, clown puppets, tiny clowns, large clowns, adorable clowns, and some very creepy ones too!

On one of his trips, he returned with clown letters that spelled out "Rachel." These little guys were immediately placed on my bedroom door. I love the way the artist painted their outfits and little "personalities."

On a trip home this summer, I was pulling out my clown collection to show Josh, and we stumbled upon these letters. The Monday before we found out we were having a girl and had decided on Ellanore for a name. When we saw the letters, Josh mentioned we could almost spell "Ella" out of "Rachel."

My mom looked very diligently online and found an additional "L" that matches the original set. Ella's nursery is now complete with her name displayed on her door in clown letters from Grandpa and Grandma B!


  1. Can you put upp some pictures of the nursery?

  2. I will! I just want to finish 1 more project (the mobile)