Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post Partum Check List

This blog post is mostly for me, just so I remember the list of "must haves" for the next time we have a baby. Josh recently introduced me to the idea of "determining the value of each key stroke." So - why tweet - something that can't be found again 5 years form now, when you can blog and always have access to your thoughts. Why spend individual time trying a colleague when you can put the same information in a video and share it with all your colleagues? So - rather than writing this down and loosing the sheet of paper somewhere, I'm going to create a blog post I'll always be able to find.

These are things I loved having this time around, or wish I would have had:
- Bath towel I don't mind parting with
- Supply of pads
- Witch hazel
- A few pairs of "throw away" underware
- Juice to help you stay hydrated, you will get sick of water
- Ginger Ale
- Tucks pads
- Stool softener
- Nice toilet paper

What are items you would add to this list?

1 comment:

  1. I know you posted this a long time ago but seeing as you will be having another baby again I would add a nice sleep shirt/loose pajamas and a lightweight robe. I loved having my own clothes to wear while 'I was in the hospital instead of those awful gowns they give you. They sell nursing pajamas or I am sure with your crafty mind you could probably create your own. I already have pinned ideas for making my maternity jeans and nursing tank tops!