Monday, November 5, 2012

Easy Pennant Banner

I wanted a pennant banner in Ella's room to add some color. You can look online for any number of tutorials, but the gist of it is really easy.

Most importantly, you need to determine how long you want your banner to be - and how large you want your individual pennant. Once you figure out how large you want your pennants, create a template from paper (remember you will loose some of your size to seams.)

You will need to cut double the number of triangles than pennants you want. Pin your triangles right side together and sew them together, using a 1/4 inch seam. You will then want to cut off the excess on the tip of the pennant (this is going to make it easier to turn them right side out.

You will want to even off the top of all your pennant. Line them up on your cutting board, use the point as a guide and lay it out so your top cut is going to make your triangle straight.  Turn all pennants right side out and iron.

Once you have all of your pennants together, space them accordingly on your ribbon. (You could use pipping as well and then just sew the pennants inside your pipping). Sew all of your pennants on to your ribbon, leaving extra space to have tassel hang down.

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