Thursday, November 15, 2012

Learning to Rejoice

I should know by now, when God starts teaching me something - there is a reason I need to learn it.

Lately, God has been teaching me about "rejoicing when others rejoice and weeping when others weep." I believe that is the mark of a true friend, someone who can journey with your through life.

I've been learning this valuable lesson through seeing others turn heartbreaking situations into moments to serve, watching friends celebrate with others while their hearts ache for the very same celebration, and learning sensitively as a travel through this abundantly joyful time in my life. As Josh and I look forward to the joy of our expanding family, I realize that others are facing serious trials - the sheer magnitude of what their trials is humbling to me.

This week, some of my very favorite people shared the news that they would be moving away. I could see the excitement and hope in their eyes, but I couldn't help feeling sad and lonely. I began to despair, it feels like every time we are settled and have a groove, God changes things. This change for me, means separation between very dear friends - but as I listened to them gush about this new opportunity I realized it was more. For her, it is a promotion full of new challenges and advanced opportunity; it means moving back south to their home which they love; being closer to their family whom they have lived far away from for too long; it means leaving this Pittsburgh snow behind; and it means a new season. A season I hope brings lots of joy and a renewed closeness to the Lord.

I have tears in my eyes both of sadness and joy as I think of the separation of this friendship but of all the new wonderful people they are going to impact and share life with. Through this process, which I clearly have a lot more to learn about, I pray God opens my heart to see the joy of this situation for others and cheerfully journey alongside them.

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