Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bowtie Onesies

After a crafting hiatus post Evie, I'm back in the saddle!

Two of the little boys in our small group family just turned the big ONE!! I made them little man onesies. 

I went back and forth over whether to attach the bowties directly to the onesie or use a snap so it could be removed during meals and washes. Ultimately I decided to use a snap as I felt it would ultimately hold up better. I'll have to ask the mommies in a few months to confirm. 

I think I prefer the shorter bowtie length on this one. 

For the 2nd one, I added buttons and made the vest longer and pointed. Not sure how that will look with pants on. Maybe a perfect excuse to go pants-less!  :)


  1. "SEW" cute! Haha couldn't resist saying that ;)

  2. Super impressed of your ability and how you find the time! 😊