Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Pattys Day

I'm always open to any excuse to party and spice up a day for Ella. Today we had a play date with our sweet friends Aubrey and Madi. 

My two girls (almost matching). White pants with gold accents and black shirt. Adorable bows from Josh's cousin's wife (no idea what that relation is to me). 

Evie getting some love from Ella. "Moms holding hands!" Melt my heart. Tickles hugs and more. 

The 4 girls: 

These three just love each other so much. Which I find impressive that twins will accept an outsider. This momma is happy and hope they all remain friends for years to come. 

We made Playdough, a first for me. Green glitter, of course! 

Helping make the Playdough: 

A rainbow craft - show Ella a glue stick and she's in Heaven! 

Lucky charms for snack. Ella quickly figured out the marshmellows are the best part; and preceded to only eat those. 

After dinner we had a green Popsicle, did a rainbow paint activity and a green bath! 

She had to identify the letter and then covered it with the coordinating color paint. 

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