Monday, March 2, 2015

Learning - Letter C

Ella is definitely enjoying the letter activities, but to be honest she knows all the letters, so I'm not sure how long I'll stick with this. Maybe I'll do a few letters a week. 

I think next year we could do more in depth and work on sounds etc. There will be more to do but right now no 2-year old has the dexterity to write or comprehension for phonics. So as far as straight recognition I think she is set. 

Here are some C activities: 

Writing in flour: I've seen this before with salt, which would definitely lead to clearer lines for older kids but I was more concerned about Ella eating it so chose flour. 

It deteriorated quickly into Ella just being an energetic 2-year old with a cup of flour! 

Showing Evie her flour:

Our "C" books: 

Riding in our car: 

Finger painting: 

Ice cream matching game for uppercase and lowercase letters. She did the entire alphabet without help besides lowercase g and q. I'm pretty pleased with that! 

This is just because she is crazy! 

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  1. Impressive Ella! I wish my my kindergarteners could have all done that at the age of 2!