Monday, March 9, 2015

Learning - Letter D

Everyone was finally healthy so we were able to get to all my "D" activities. Ella struggled a little recognizing lowercase d if it wasn't next to uppercase D. But seriously lowercase b, d, p, and q --- they could have been a little more creative when they wrote the alphabet! 

Here are some shots from the week. 

I invented this game out of desperation. "Letter Twister". (Put your ear on the letter E; but your bum on the letter B; tickle the letter D; etc)

Making the letter D...and standing inside it. 

Dominos and Dice: 

Digging for dinosaurs in the snow: 

Doughnuts, obviously! 

Letter hide and seek: 

Then Ella wanted to start hiding them: 

And a few D worksheets: 

Our first time using a dot-to-dot marker ... She lays it on a little thick. Luckily it comes off our floor with a wet paper towel. 

Family Dance party: 

And lots and lots if (play) doctor check ups! So grateful we were able to borrow this from a friend. It's been a hit this week! :) 

Alphabet puzzle from another friend! 

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  1. Her hair is so long and pretty :) It seems like it's always up when we see her!