Sunday, June 14, 2015

Allergy Testing

Ella had her follow up appointments for her allergy testing earlier in June. This appointment was to give us a 2nd data point on her already-confirmed egg and peanut allergies.

We did the bloodwork prior to our appointment with the allergist. Ella has a trooper, even after they had to stick her in both arms...she wanted a pink doughnut as her rewards, so a pink doughnut she got!

Waiting to go see the doctor:
 Tinkerbell sticker as her reward:
 Loving her doughnut:

 She eats the frosting off girl.

Then we had to go back and meet with the allergist and have a follow up scratch test. Ella did GREAT! She only cried a little during the scratch test, then the challenging part came - keeping a toddler from scratching her arm.

Through her blood and her scratch test, she appears to be clear of her egg allergy - Egg challenge scheduled for September. Although her blood results looked good for her peanut allergy, her scratch test was dramatically worse than last year; leading the allergist to predict her allergy will only continue. So, off to the pharmacist to get an updated epi pen.


  1. I'm super proud of you, Ella!! You are so brave!

  2. Glad Lion made the trip to comfort her!