Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Potty Training 2.0 - Day One AM

So we are at it again. Hopefully this time it sticks. Last time (in October 2014; just shy of 22 months) she just didn't get it - and personally I do think it's a lots of responsibility for a little kid. 

For about a month she has been going on the potty at various times throughout the day; and everyday she goes, just not every time. (She gets two jelly beans when she goes on the potty). She doesn't currently poop on the potty. 

So my challenges this time are (1) Evie -- basically taking care of her without losing focus on Ella and (2) shifting Ella to understand that the goal is dry panties; not just peeing on the potty. 

Today's goals:
(1) no tears; from either of us
(2) no poop on my floors

The supplies:

Elmo panties. I have 4 with the same design, I could see her being interested in seeing all the panty designs and therefore having accidents on purpose. 

After she had one fluke poop on the tiny princess potty a few months back, I decided I really don't want to clean poop 
out of that thing, so we let her pick out a potty seat insert and step stool, she chose princess! 

Since she is currently getting two jelly beans for peeing on the potty, I wanted to change as little as possible, so I'm sticking with that - but needed something for dry panties. And since that's the main goal, I wanted it to be awesome. I implemented a sticker chart for dry panty checks and then put together a basket of things/toys she hasn't seen before. (Mostly stuff I bought for school next year). If she has dry panties at our checks she gets to pick out one item. (Only one at a time, at each check she puts her current item back and gets new one). 

I used the doll above to help. I asked E to help me potty train her today, so we started the day by taking her to the bathroom and explaining that she needs to keep her panties dry and tell E if she has to go potty, etc. 

I started dry panty checks at 15 minute intervals. 

7:15 - changed last diaper (I've hidden all diapers, wipes, etc.) (she was stinky, so that was in my favor not to have poop on my floor.)
7:30 - had her help me with dolly. She was very excited the doll had undies like her. 
7:54 -  At the first check both she and the dolly had dry panties -- stickers and toys for each. Ella chose colorful large buttons in various shapes. 
8:02 - tried on potty for 1 second
8:09 - DRY!!! Dolly was wet so she didn't get a sticker or toy and had to change undies. She then had to practice getting up on potty ten times. (Ella was sad for the doll that she lost her toy duck).
8:25 - DRY!!!! Ella picked letter flash cards
8:40 - DRY!!!! She chose freeze dried fruit

[increased checks to 20 mins]

8:50 - PEE!!!
9 - DRY!!! She chose freeze dried fruit 
9:20 - DRY!!! She chose orange play dough
9:25 - PEE!!!!
9:40 - DRY!!! She chose a purple marker character playing guitar.

[increase checks to 25 mins]

9:50 - tried to pee
10:04 - tried
10:06 - DRY!!!! She chose a princess "painting" book

[V is napping, so I've intentionally stopped asking about potty because this is the best time to have accident, and I know accidents are necessary in this process.]

10:20 - refill on juice (daddy's yellow Gatorade.) I used the bathroom which prompted her to go. 
10:22 - PEE!!!
10:30 - PEE!!!!
10:32 - DRY!!!! She chose watching a show; Tinkerbell on a blanket. 

10:51- PEE!!!! (I did remind her this time because I knew she would get caught up in the show). 
11:03 - DRY!!! She chose fruit snacks and to continue watching Tink (I needed an emotional break still so I pushed this option!) 
11:15 - PEE!!!! 
11:35 - DRY!!!! She chose freeze dried fruit

[increase checks to 40 minutes]
**all tries and successes will be totally unprompted from me from here forward**

11:45 - tried potty
12:08 - lunch
12:09 - PEE!!!! 
12:15 - DRY!!!! (For the first time, she thought to check me...her evaluation "Maybe". She decided dolly, Ella, and Mommy deserved stickers. 

[increase checks to 45 minutes]

12:22 - tried
12:29 - tried
12:34 - tried
12:38 - tried
(Obviously a lunch stall tactic -- yippee)

(Since I know you are going to ask, Mom,  V isn't wearing her helmet because she threw up in bed last night and I haven't been able to get the smell out of the Velcro)

1:00 - DRY!!! She chose the buttons again. 

1:30 - DRY!!! I gave her 5 M&Ms for staying dry all morning. (And she couldn't pick anything from the basket because PRAISE THE LORD it's nap time.)
1:35 - PEE!!!! 
I put her in a pull up for nap, because I know her and she already tries to get out of her room at nap time so I knew this would be too much. And I need a break!  I'll deal with that another day! 
1:49 - In bed!!!!! 

House is clean, diet coke and chocolate for mom, then a nap! 

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