Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Potty Training 2.0 - Day One PM

Ella woke up at 3:15, we don't normally get her up until 3:45, but I went in to check in her in the off chance she was wanting to use the potty. She just wanted to cuddle, so we read for a bit but V woke up, so everyone downstairs at 3:30. 

3:30 - took off her pull up "bed panties"....DRY!!!! So we hopped in the potty. PEE!!! A refill on juice and then off to watch 30 mins of Tinkerbell (she usually only watches TV in car and 30 minutes after her nap, so she was expecting this.) 

[I only set the dry panty check for 30 minutes because I wanted to refresh her memory and also that's as long as we watch TV so it's a good transition].

Then this sweetness happened. Oh goodness gracious! Evie is so lucky to have Ella as a big sister. 

4:10 - DRY!!! She chose to go outside (obviously)

4:50 - josh gets home
4:53 - first accident :( changed her panties and started our 10 practice runs to get to the potty (on practice runs 5 & 8 she actually went; we have treats on those runs but made her continue her runs). 
5:15 - I restarted the clock because she wasn't going to have dry panties. [45 minutes] we went back outside. 

5:23 - accident #2; start our practice runs. (On run 1 she peed, but this time I made her wait until the runs were over to eat the treats.)
5:35 - reset the timer for 45 minutes
5:41 - tried to pee
6:14 - PEE!!!!
6:20 - DRY!!!! She chose "Bo cheese" (feta cheese) - it was in the middle of dinner and I didn't really want to introduce toys
6:50 - tried to pee
7:05 - DRY!!!! She chose a brain quest. 
7:23 - accident #3 while playing inside. 10 practice runs. 

[set the timer only to 20 minutes because  it's evident we need to get more reminders]

7:45 - tried to pee
7:47 - DRY!!!! She chose counting bears (Thanks BA!)
8:03 - PEE!!!
8:04 - Switched in her pull up "bed panties" and upstairs for bed. 

My goals today were: 
- no tears -- CHECK 
- no poop on my floor -- CHECK
- my hope was only 3 accidents - 2 pee and one poop. We had 3 pee and no poop accident or success, so I guess that's a -- CHECK 

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  1. I'm so not looking forward to potty training! Keep going! Day 1 seemed pretty good :) Glad she liked the bears!