Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Potty Training 2.0 - Day 2 PM

Ella napped until 4:10 - Thank you Lord for a break! She was dry and wanted her panties - yipppeeee!!!!

4:12 - PEE!!! 
[set timer for 15 minutes]
4:30 - DRY!!!!
[set timer for 20 minutes]
4:52 - DRY!!!! And a juice refill
4:55 - PEE!!!
5:18 - DRY!!!
5:26 - PEE!!!
5:34 - PEE!!!
5:41 - DRY!!! She chose freeze dried fruit 
5:42 - PEE!!! We asked her to go right before dinner. 
5:45 - sit for dinner; the first time at the table over carpet since potty training started. I knew she would ask to get out a bunches go potty, but it's progress back to a normal life! 
5:51 - PEE!!!!
She tried 3 other times during dinner...ugh.
6:26 - dinner over; I set a fake timer to go  off right after dinner because the real one was during dinner and I didn't want additional interruptions. 
6:28 - DRY!!! She chose brain quest 
7:02 - DRY!!!
7:08 - PEE!!!
7:20 - tried to pee before bath; Josh did bath so I honestly have no idea what happened. But every is alive so I don't care. 
8 - PEE right before bed. 

She did great today - only one accident!!! She went 29 times plus whatever happened at bath time.  

She definitely is getting the concept. She still tries to go potty but doesn't pee, but I'd rather her be over cautious. 

Tomorrow we have small group, so we will have to go out of the house for the first time. 😐

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