Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Evelyn - 7 Months

My sweet Evelyn Grace is 7 months, crazy. She loves her sister, and definitely recognizes Josh and I; She has started to reach for us :) 

She is rolling both ways and scooting around, not properly crawling, but getting to the toys she wants. 

We have been having a hard time getting her to eat babyfood. She will eat something for a few days and then throw up. She has thrown up 3 times since Mothers Day :(

First boat ride - in KY with Aunt Lauren; she wasn't a huge fan but I got good snuggles! 

First time in a large pool - loved it! 

Blurry but you can still see her cuteness

Fighting the photo shoot.

Still rockin' her blue eyes. 


  1. Love the outfit and the pics with the elephant! Yay no helmet (boo the reason for it...yuck!!!!)!

    1. Anchors....your sweet spot! Remind me and I can share, 6-9 months size.