Thursday, June 25, 2015

Potty Training 2.0 - Day 3 And beyond!

Honestly, I'm pumped for how well this has been going! Ella has continued to do really well, no pee accidents since the second day of official training. We are still only about 70% trained on poop. I know it will just take time. 

When I started this process I was frustrated that everyone just talks about "training in one day" but what about life after training? How do you scale back on rewards? How do you venture out? When does training stop?

Here is some of our experience, now 11 days in. 

On day 3 we ventured into the carpeted living room more rather than just the (easy to clean) kitchen. She did really well, so my confidence in her preparation increased. We slowly just increased time in there, and decreased my prompted reminders to use the potty. 

It worked out for us that we had small group that night; dinner and discussion at someone's home. Two car trips and total distraction by all her little friends. Oh boy! 

For the car: I put a dog pee pad in her car seat and cut her off from drinks 20 minutes before we got into the car. We went right before we left and right when we got there.  She did great; since then, we have done a few trips and she has never had an accident. 

As for the dry panty checks, I honestly  just took away the "toy basket" and she never brought it up again. Yippee! 

We are still doing treats for going on the potty, I'll work on phasing those out later. 

I have decided to stick with pull ups during nap and night for a while. She always wakes up dry after nap, but never all night. 

I know it will just take awhile and slowly I won't have to remind as much! 

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