Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Potty Training 2.0 - Day 2 AM

Yesterday went reasonably well, so I'm actually not dreading today :) Evie was a peach yesterday which helped so hopefully she keeps it up! 

7:15 - awake
7:20 - changed her stinky pull up. She was very excited to get in her panties. "Keep panties dry!!!" Set dry panty alarm for 15 minutes to make sure she remembers what we are doing.
7:25 - tried to pee
7:40 - filled up our juice cup
7:48 - DRY!!!! (She chose foam Easter egg shapes.)

(A little pattern work)

8:05 - DRY!!! She chose counting bears. 

[set timer for 20 minutes this time]

8:16 - PEE!!! 
8:25 - DRY!!! (She chose orange play dough)

8:45 - DRY!!!! (She chose a shape tracing laminated sheet) 

[increased timer to 25 minutes]

8:47 - PEE!!!!
8:59 - Accident #1. She did stop herself and then run to potty to finish; so I gave her only one jelly bean. She knew right away and wasn't happy with the pee on her leg. {as I wrote this blog I realized I forgot the practice runs, ugg}
9:03 - I set up an extra dry panty check to go off right as we were changing panties. She got all excited but then realized no stickers or special toy. Reset timer for 25 minutes. 
9:09 - PEE!!! She said "no sad panties" because when she had her accident I had her put her wet undies in a ziplock and say goodbye to them. 
9:20 - juice refill. (An hour earlier than yesterday - I'm trying to be better about pushing the beverages.)
9:25 - PEE!!!! 
9:30 - DRY!!! (She chose princess painting) 

9:41 - tried to pee
9:52 - PEE!!!!
10 - I came down from putting V down for a nap and found her on potty. For reasons not necessary to describe, I felt she was close to pooping, and in order to avoid turds on my floor - I grabbed the iPad. She sat playing until 10:25. No poop, but a break for mom :) 

Also, cuteness, after getting up she touched her bum and declared "hot" from sitting on the seat. So cute. 
10:27 - DRY!!! She chose container bowling, but hated it and just played w the lids. 

[timer for 30 minutes]

10:37 - PEE!!!!
10:40 - said she had to go again, ran to potty and asked for iPad. We knew that was coming... But lots of toots so I'm ok with her sitting! 
10:52 - PEE but already sitting on potty
11:05 - PEE but already sitting
11:06 - DRY!!! (She chose shape tracing again)
11:14 - PEE!!! But already sitting
11:30 - juice refill
11:37 - DRY!!!! (Counting bears again)
11:42 - huge toot and actually resulted in her bending over and looking between her legs - ahhh! I've never been so nervous. 
12:08 - DRY!!! 

[set timer for 35 minutes]

12:23 - PEE!!!!
12:43 - DRY!!!!
12:51 - juice refill 
1:20 - DRY!!!!
1:32 - PEE!!! And in pull up for nap. She did say "ella wear big girl panty in bed" but I'm frankly too exhausted to deal. 

All 3 Gillespies for a nap! 


  1. Wow! That is some basket of activities you have! I'm impressed!

    1. Ella just loves the novelty of something new; so little random crafts and buttons work for her! YIPPEE