Monday, August 4, 2014

20 months!

Ahhh!! I can't believe my baby is 20 months old! Time is going too quickly. I know next time I turn around she will be 20 YEARS old.

Here are 20 of my favorite Ella pictures:

After her first bath at home:

One day old. Holding her in the hospital as she holds in her pacifier:

How could this little smile not melt a momma's heart? [3 months]

 I love so much about this photo. (1) That her awesome daddy got her that bear for her first Valentine's Day - aren't we lucky to have a man like him? (2) That Josh set up and posed this picture for me (3) Again, with that little smile! [3 months]

 Be still my heart - those chunky legs just get me! [3 months]

This is Ella bouncing away in her bouncer. We literally couldn't take pictures of her because she was bouncing so much. :) [5 months]

She is just so stunning here to me. I know I'm biased, but I loved this phase where she was learning to smile and interact. [5 months]

Ella's first time sitting up. I love how proud of herself she is - as she should be! [6 months]

Shopping with Ella has always been an adventure.... [6 months]

8-month photo shoot fail. This girl makes me laugh everyday. [8 months]

 Ella's first picture in our new house, with her new GIANT friend, Minnie. [9 months]

If you have spent any time with Ella - you know how important Lion is in our daily lives. This well-loved, horrible smelling animal is Ella's permanent sidekick. [1 year] -- In this picture she is wearing my kilt from Scotland that my awesomely organized mother saved for me all these years. She rocks!

 My little Christmas buddy. [13 months]

I love her sneaky face here - she definitely has a sweet tooth. [15 months]

 My little mini-friend. She makes my heart grow in love everyday. [Easter, 2014. 17 Months]

Proud of herself for creating this baby-jammie masterpiece in her crib. [17 months]

I love how this picture captures Ella adventurous spirit and energy. She is playing in the bounce house we got at a yardsale (yipppee $40 for a bounce house). [around 18 months]

These two are my absolute favorite people. I love how much Ella adores her daddy. [18 months. Image credit: Leigh Young Photography]

Ella loves taking pictures of herself. "Eya" she says when she sees herself. :) [19 months]

My little fish loves everything water. I'm working hard to let go of my worries and stresses and let my little girl be little. [20 months]


  1. Those pictures are precious!!! Love theFirst birthday pic. That is so awesome that you wore that and that your mom kept it for you!!!

    1. My mom is pretty awesome and has saved many precious items for my girls! :)