Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Vacation Day #5

Ella woke up bright and early at 6. She laid in bed with us until about 7:15 and then Josh took her for a walk so I could sleep. Am I married to the best man or what? 

Josh walked with Ella to Dunkin Dounuts for a Daddy-Daughter date. He got her a strawberry frosted doughnut; the same thing I always got as a girl with my dad. 🍩💕

We decided to have a low key morning since we all had a little bit of sun. Ella's cheeks are pink and Josh and my backs got it leaning over building sandcastles for Ella to destroy!

We walked over to check out the shopping center a block from our house. They had a kids water fountain you could run in. Ella was in Heaven. 

Getting a drink: 

After about 30 minutes of splashing, a family with 3 older kids came. Ella stood back watching for about 2 minutes and then charged right in to play with them and mimic their water-play. She never ceases to amaze me. 

Home for lunch and nap. E has only been napping for an hour each day - and is very irritable when she wakes up - which we were attributing to a new location. Today after she slept for 1.5 hours she woke up crying for me, I went in and she fell asleep on me. She slept curled up with me for 2 more hours. She awoke a new baby! 

Then off to the beach. We got there a little after 4 - it was so nice to have the sun out and warm on your skin without it being hot enough to burn. 

Josh played a game with Ella, hiding one of her beach toys inside the bucket of sand. She loved destroying the castle. She loves tapping the sides of the bucket to help the sand come out. 

Playing catch with Velcro mits and a tennis ball. E loved catching the ball, but needed help getting the ball off, only to put it back on the mit.

A girl and her snacks. Attracting the attention of some seagulls. 

28 weeks: 

Maternity shadow:

My two girls!!!!

Spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner. Blueberry cobbler (recipe coming soon) and ice cream for dessert with games. 

We recommend Bohnanza, a game my brother introduced us to. 


  1. Those are my favorite donuts too! And you do have a great hubby!! :). You also look adorable in your 28 week photo. I'm interested to hear more about this game. I've never heard of it. We need to start monthly game nights ...we love a good game!!

  2. Also anxious for the cobbler recipe...that looks amazing!!!