Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Vacation Day #3

Ella got up at 6:30, Josh got up with her so I could sleep in (until 7!). We had breakfast and about 9 we went to see the Bethany Beach boardwalk. It was fun to be outside exploring. 

Ella found a little kiddie pool with water toys. 

There were cute shops and we bought some Fishers Popcorn - amazing! :) we got the caramel with white cheddar dusting. 

Josh also got "boardwalk fries" AKA "fair fries". Fried in peanut oil so we took turns distracting Ella while the other one snacked. 

We played on the beach for a bit before heading home for Ella's nap. 

My mother-in-law introduced me to this game and we purchased on the boardwalk. It has two paddles that are spandex-like that you use to pass a ball between you. 

Josh and I played for a bit and I looked over and saw Ella leaning against the fence just looking at the sand. A totally unposed moment of this girl's beauty. 

During nap time I read on our hammock - not extremely comfy for my pregnant self. Here is my 27-week photo:

After nap we headed back over to the beach. Ella loves sitting in everyone's chairs: 

And she really loves Snappers! 

After some initial hesitation I was able to get Ella into the water by telling her it was a giant puddle for splashing. 

I created a monster. 

After that she wanted to run further and further into the water. Josh would stand behind her and catch her as a wave knocked her over. (She didn't want us touching her but as soon as a wave comes she throws up her feet, laughs, and falls backwards.)

New favorite photo:

Previously, Ella would play by our feet in the sand - now she is running for the water instantly. 

Getting ready to leave the beach. Ella said "Bye bye water" while we walked off the beach. 

We got home, showered, and headed out for dinner. We ended up at the Lobster Shanty in Fenwick Island. I had a lobster quesadilla and Josh had a crab cake. Both were great. We were able to see the sunset as we ate. 

We stopped on the way home at Kohr Bros Frozen Custard. I love custard - but this was my first time having soft serve. It was amazing. I recommend the chocolate mint twist. 

As does Ella. 

Josh got a vanilla chocolate twist with jimmies: 


  1. So much fun!!!! Those pics of E by the fence are so precious ... Melts my heart. Glad she's enjoying he water!

  2. I echo Jennifer's comment about the pictures by the fence. Those are precious!! So glad you had a wonderful family vacation. xoxo.