Sunday, August 17, 2014

Awesome Day

We started the morning with breakfast out at First Watch - one of our favorites! I got the Monte Cristo (one of my eating out rules is to order something I would never make at home - this definitely qualified) Josh got the cheddar bacon pancake - good but not great. Ella was a peach! 

Next - onto Ella's swim lessons. We were actually going to be early - so we quickly stopped at the park on the way. 

As usual - our dare devil was eyeing the longest slide! 

Down her first covered slide with daddy: 

Riding the sheep: 

And swings - first ever "underdog":

I am so richly blessed! 

Since I'm terrible at taking pregnancy photos - here is my 26 week picture. :)

Now for Ella's swim lesson

For my birthday, Josh have me a "Mom's Day Out" - all his idea! I'll be honest - I wasn't confident I'd be able to figure out how to keep myself occupied away from the house all day. I even wrote myself a list of places to go/things to do.

I left the house at 11am, windows down (which Ella hates) and kid-CD ejected with the radio playing! Yahoo!!!

First stop - fabric store. I finalized my fabric choices for Evelyn's quilt. 

Coral and teal: 

A close-up of the main fabric:

Then off to Target, Kohls, and TJ Maxx - with no cart, no snacks, and no time constraints! It was glorious! 

I had never thought of the girls being able to match clothes - but I was able to find some summer outfits for next year that they can match in!!!! Be still my heart - I'm so excited! 

Then off to Panera. I sat outside and read my new book - A Thousand Splendid Suns - (very heavy content about the treatment of women in Afghanistan, but a very good book!)

I even had some peanut butter contraband! YUM! 

I got home around 4:30, greeted by Ella kisses! Then daddy took us out for DQ and back to the park for Ella. 

Ella loved this musical button. If you jump on the yellow dot, the maroon pillar makes music.

Ella was so brave climbing up the "trees" and jumping into daddy's arms! 
Keep in mind, Josh is 6'4" - this little girl is up high! 

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